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About Sugar Packing Solution | How To Pack Sugar

        When we receive requires from our customers about sugar. Most of them are White sugar or brown sugar. Actually they would come with different packing solution for white Sugar and brown sugar.

        Because the raw materials of white sugar and brown sugar are different. The nature of white sugar is dry and has good fluidity. Brown sugar is sticky and slightly less fluid. So the packaging solution would be different.

        What’s the difference on the packing solution for white sugar and brown sugar?

        About metering system:

        White sugar: We will recommend the volumetric cup, Linear scale,Multi heads weigher as metering system. Due to the good fluidity 

        Brown sugar: Volumetric cup. Screw linear scale would be recommended as the metering system. Sometimes we probably spray the teflon on the surface of metering device avoid the sticking.

        About Main packer:

        If you need to automate the sugar packaging process, automatic bagging machines are the right solution.If you are packing sugar into pre-made bags, you will need an open bag bagging machine.

        There are three types Pre-made bag packing machines: Mini doypack machine. Horizontal doypack machine and Rotary doypack machine.

        From 50g to 10kg. We can supply the right doypack machine for you.

        1.Mini doypack machine equips with 4 linear scale as metering system. It can run 8-10bpm based on 500g/bag. It comes with affordable price for beginner. No problem you pack 500g or 10kg.

About Sugar Packing Solution | How To Pack Sugar

        2.Horizontal dopypack machine

        Horizontal doypack machine equips with 4 linear scale / volumetric cup as metering device. It can run 20-25bpm based on 200g/bag. It will be run more faster than mini doypack machine.

About Sugar Packing Solution | How To Pack Sugar

About Sugar Packing Solution | How To Pack Sugar

        If you wanna pack sugar by Roll film package. 

        Then we have to consider Sugar Vertical Packing Machine

        A vertical packaging machine is an automatic machine that forms, fills and seals bags starting from a reel of custom printed film.

        They are also commonly referred to as VFFS. In sugar VFFS you should consider throughput and bag size. In fact, vertical packaging machines come in a variety of models designed to suit your needs. From 0.5g to 1kg to 5kg to 10kg. No problem for LANDPACK to supply you a right sugar packing solution as per your requirements. Kindly check the following sugar packing solutions we did before.

        From 1kg-5kg 

        Our packing machine LD-620A which can run max roll film width 620mm. It equips with 14 heads weigher with anti-leaking function.its customized for sugar or salt such thin granule products. It can pack max 5kg/bag.

        From 5kg-10kg

        The bigger vertical packing machine LD-900A would be your choice. Which can run max roll film width 900mm to pack max 10kg/bag. No matter you use PE roll film or laminated roll film. Just need to prepare one more set of heating element. Easy to change it on our packing machine for different packing material.

About Sugar Packing Solution | How To Pack Sugar

        About packing material

        Most of customers they will use Laminated film/bag for white sugar. But Paper film would be the common packing material for brown sugar. 

        For more details please feel free to contact LANDPACK. 

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